Location: Cornwall, United Kingdom

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Dog alone

That was weird: I’d nearly finished my blog for the day when the computer crashed. Just turned itself off. So I lost everything. Really annoying, as I’d been particularly eloquent.

G has gone to Bristol, and won’t be back all week. I tried to make her feel guilty by looking sad and soulful, then felt bad when she said she felt guilty. Hope she’s had a good drive, cos she doesn’t like motorways.

S is no substitute. All he’s done today is make plum jam, do the washing and ironing, and prepare his classes for next week. Says he’s being observed; about time, I think. Has he devoted any attention to me? Oh, no.

Had a good walk with the two of them this morning, though. Went to the woods near Trelissick. No rivers to leap in, unfortunately, but it was gloriously muddy.

Had to ask for my breakfast this morning. The selfish pair took advantage of the clocks going back by having a lie-in. Not a thought for the hungry dog. So I made S get up and feed me.

He enjoyed watching Middlesbrough beat Man. Utd last night on tv, but I found it tedious; went to bed with G. She’s just finished this novel by Claire Francis about poles. Seems a funny sort of topic to write about. G has told S to read something cheerful while she’s away this week. So what’s he chosen? Bleak House. Not my idea of a fun book, judging by the title. All the books he reads are dead miserable; don’t know how G puts up with it.

He says he wants to go and read the papers now, as he’s not had time until now. Don’t know what he means by this. I didn’t see him doing anything. But then I have been sleeping most of the morning. Dreamt about Maple next door. I caught him.