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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Greetings from Kernow

This is my first posting in my new blog. I am a Cornish surfhound named Bronte. I have lived in Kernow/Cornwall nearly all of my 12 years, but was born near Bath, and spent 6 months in Somerset, before my people moved further south-west.

I'm a retroodle: a standard poodle crossed with retriever. My father was a white poodle, mother was a black flat-coat. I'm allergic to wheat, nibble my toes out of habit, and look for food at all times. I love the sea, but hate to get out of my depth.

I hope to maintain these posts as often as I can, but have to rely on owners to do the typing, and they're very busy people, so I can't guarantee being too frequent. Today He is working from home, so I'm enjoying having company for a change. The Cornish sun is shining, leaves are turning brown and yellow and starting to fall, and the pantomime horse on the hill opposite is wearing his winter coat, so his black patches are mostly concealed. Swarms of small flies are congregating at the windows, like swallows about to depart. Why are they doing this?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Bronte
i'm impressed that you can type so well with those fury paws - and your vocabulary is much wider than those woofs that you usually use when you see me.

We saw G on Sunday which was fun though I think she was causing mayhem in the hotel before we went out by changing rooms. She was missing you and S but she enjoyed your walk in the morning.

Good news about your nephew Jack - you can give him a good wash with your tongue when you see him. We saw a film with a character called Jack on Sunday afternoon - played by Jake Gyllenhaal (you know the one who was Donny Darko and is in Jarhead). You'll have to wait until the dvd is released I expect (no dogs, but lots and lots of sheep and mountains), but tell S&G to go and see it in the cinema... and to take a hanky!

Liked your book list - don't bother with Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog (no dogs in the stories - and Welsh to boot) and Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time (not happy reading for you). I'm just starting Hilary Mantel's Beyond Black (so not sure yet if there are any dogs in it) which will be suitable entertainment for my new life as a commuter!

I'm meant to be tidying my files and emails (now under 10k, but I've lost interest and I think I'll delete them all!), and i'm going to Chinatown to meet an old colleague this evening. I've organised a few lunches and jaunts to keep me occupied while my notice period drags on.

Looking forward to seeing you (and S&G too of course - glad they are back on the wine)in a few weeks. Meantime make sure you drag S through the muddy undergrowth and roll in anything that looks slightly dodgy - and keep trying to get those birds, you'll succeed one day.


12:42 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right you big shaggy dog thing - this is Maisie, Rob's cat, he let it slip that he'd been in touch, and even though I had to look for ages to find a way to send you this comment on this blooming blog thing I've done it. Cos I'm a smart cat. So listen up - I've not forgotten being chased round the house - my house, the one that I let those two big cats who walk on two legs and are hopeless at catching mice live in - a couple of years ago. I vowed then that I'd find you and get even - so you'd better keep an eye out now slobbery dog. And don't think I can't get to Cornwall and back before those two on two legs are back empty handed with no mice at the end of the day. You're lucky it's me and not the skinny one that goes by the name of Bessie - she looks daft but she's got teeth like needles and a temper to match.

The hopeless cats on two legs (they really are stupid - a couple of meows and I always get my way) had another two legged cat to stay. He was a bit better - he has 14 cats and a farm - he let me (and the derranged one - Bessie) lie in his clothes - even the white shirts - without getting cross and didn't throw me out from under the duvet - unlike some. Anyway fame has come to our house -nearly notoriety - when the new two legged cat had to go to before the General Medical Council to see if he was going to be struck off. They all thought him being called a Sex Doc was funny, but only two of them thought the fact that the papers got his age wrong was as funny. One of the two legged cats who live with me went out late one evening and I thought he'd gone to catch a mouse (good time to go I thought), but he came back with a paper called The Sun - they all said he was brave to get it and he said that's why he went in the dark. He could have at least caught something to eat though. They all seemed to be happy - the three two legged cats - last night when the new cat was found not to have done something wrong.

3:48 pm  

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