Location: Cornwall, United Kingdom

Saturday, October 22, 2005


Just checked Cross Town Rebels' website with S; as I thought, G got it wrong. Matt's record release isn't called Reckless, it's Speechless. She got the Mish Mash bit right though. They tried to play the MP3 file, but realised their speakers weren't plugged in, so they gave up. Hopeless.

S read me this story in the Guardian this morning. Seems there's this Shetland sheepdog called Sandy (didn't know they had any sheep in the Shetlands, just ponies; maybe that's what they round up?) who won't turn right. They have to do a three-mile detour to go to the park nearby, because the short route involves a right turn, and the dog just sits down or runs away. This dog is a star. Don't know why he got into the paper, though: I've been doing that for years, except it's when my people want to turn in any direction I don't want to go...