Location: Cornwall, United Kingdom

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Midweek update

It’s ten days since my last posting, and I’m really excited, cos I’ve had my first reply: R replied and said he was dead impressed by my creative talents. This comes, as you might expect, as no real surprise to me, but it’s gratifying to be acknowledged. It’s not every retroodle blessed with my gifts. Thank you, R, you’re a gem. Even if you do own cats.

We have G’s mum Mary staying with us this week. She’s convalescing after a nasty operation on her neck. We went up to WsM to collect her at the w/e. I like this, as it means there’s company for me all day. She’s been doing the ironing, so S & G are happy; they don’t iron very frequently.

This will have to be fairly brief, as I haven’t had my evening walk yet, and G and M have just gone to Sainsbury’s to get some food for tonight. Trout, perhaps. Don’t care for the bones, myself, but who listens to me…

He’s been meant to do his online tax return since about May, and now has just till the end of the month, else they fine him and send the boys round to break his knees: typical. He’s only just got his user id and whatnot, and is sweating on getting his Pin activation in time. If he was one of his students, doing coursework, he’d give them a really hard time, and lecture them on the importance of time management. Hypocrite and slowcoach.

G and M have now arrived back, so he’ll be in trouble for not having walked me yet, so I’d best let him go. Nuthatches came back at the weekend, so he’s happy again; geek.

Baby Jack was visited too, and I got finally to sniff his bottom. Bit of a disappointment as it turned out: they’d just changed him. He was ok. Not much attention paid to me, though.

January nearly over; S says buds are starting to sprout, daffodil spears to thrust up: who cares, I say. You can’t eat either.

George Galloway. Need I say more?

My blog seems not to be causing much of a stir: maybe people don’t let their dogs log on. This is disturbing.