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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Heatwave blues

It’s been a while since my last posting because I’ve been incarcerated while S and G went on holiday. They were in Crete while I languished behind bars. In the sweltering heat. The screws had to hose us dogs down to try to keep us cool. The basset hound kept up that unearthly Baskerville howl all week. He needs help.

They say they liked Crete a lot, and enjoyed the cottage they stayed in. It was very hot, but not as hot as England, though Cornwall was cooler than most places up country. I’ve been on a course of antiobiotics for my infection problem, and it seems to have helped my weeing problem. The vet says the growth on my bladder is not good though, and the tests indicate it could be a tumour. The tests aren’t conclusive, and I feel all right in myself, so I think I’ll be ok for a while yet. I don’t want any nasty invasive treatment, and will rely on nature.

Had my hair cut by the groomer while I was inside. Feel much better as a consequence, less hot. Look much prettier, too.

Bridget who lives next door gave me some cat biscuits tonight to welcome me home. The only good thing about cats is that I get to eat their food, smarmy little vermin.

No squirrels evident for quite a while; maybe they’ve all got this squirrel virus that’s killing the red squirrels – though apparently the grey ones are immune to it. Typical: the chavs survive, the toffs cop it.

Not much more to add today, I’m afraid: being banged up for so long there’s not much to say of any interest. S says the Cretans are liars, but do you believe a Cretan who tells you that? I say who cares? He goes on holiday and comes back even stupider. G just told him to check for a baby Jack blog, so he’ll have to leave off typing this now. Jack was laughing on the phone just now, it seems. Sinister, I call it. What’s he got to laugh about? Doesn’t he care about Hizbullah?


Blogger Baby Jack said...

Hi Bronte ...

Jack's Mum here, good to read you and glad to hear you are ok. We are both really looking forward to seeing you on saturday, Jack is going shopping tomorrow with his Dad for a present for you, but don't worry I'll tell them what to buy.

Much love

6:38 pm  

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