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Monday, July 10, 2006

Off to prison

I’m off to prison today, so am not feeling too great. Didn’t even want my walk this morning. Had to make S n G feel bad about leaving me. They’re off on holiday to some place called Crete. Sounds like an insect.

I’m going to have a haircut on Saturday, which will be good, because it’s been very hot and sticky lately, and my shaggy fur makes me uncomfortable.

Vet told us that I’m not well this week. Have a lump on my bladder. I wondered why I had to keep weeing. Now they’re dead worried about me. I am too, I suppose. All part of life’s rich tapestry. There’s only one journey, as I was saying to them yesterday when we went to Trelissick for my walk. Went all existential on them.

I’m not too worried about kennels this time; S had to take some Rescue remedy though.

He was very excited about the World Cup final yesterday. He was quite upset when Zidane was sent off, and thinks that Italian guy said something really nasty to him. If he did, he got what was coming to him in my view, though I’d have probably bitten him.

They’re off to Weston tonight to stay with G’s mum Mary as they have to get an early flight from Bristol next morning. They might get to see the famous Jack. I was in big trouble for some of the things I said about him. G thought I was rude, but I was only saying what I perceived; he does look Rooneyesque.

Cute pictures of him came by email, but he does have some unpleasant eating habits. His blog is quite good. Sounds like his new car is ok. Not too keen to hear he’s been consorting with cats. Vermin. Good only for gloves.

Must go now; prison beckons. Time to put on my most doleful look. Hope the vet has good news.


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